How to Pack for a Short Trip

Written by Brad McLeod

Packing up your life into a suitcase is never easy. But what about a weekend trip?

For short journeys, keep it to the essentials. Wear as many of your clothes as you can while still being comfortable, pack those pockets if you need to. Then stick to the essentials for your bag.

Plenty of socks and underwear. Have options based on the potential weather but not too many. Just don’t forget a sweater and some pants if there’s a chance of cold conditions.

If needed, have a dressy and casual option. For hygiene, you’ll want a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and whatever else you need to feel fresh.

And of course if you’re crossing a border make sure you have your passport, ideally securely in a money belt with a little cash, your credit cards and a picture of your best friend.

You’re also going to want your phone, headphones, a good wall charger and even an external charger.  To prevent any travel boredom, you might want to pack a good book too. Then you’re good to go!


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