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Feb. 4, 2021

Five Things to Do in Prague in Winter

If you find yourself in Prague, Czechia during the winter months, it is an absolutely gorgeous place to be. While your extremities may freeze, your heart will be warm as you bask in the beauty of the city in the snow.  

1. Eat Svíčková and Drink Beer

In Prague, this is a year-round activity, but stuffing your belly with a creamy Czech meat dish inside a cozy little pub is best experienced in winter. A sirloin steak prepped with veggies, spiced right and then boiled with double cream, Svíčková is usually served with bread dumplings and, of course, paired with a beer, which is cheaper than water in Czechia. 

2. Cheer on Sparta at O2 Arena

The Czechs love their ice hockey and joining a wild crowd at an HC Sparta Praha hockey match will without a doubt be an experience that you never forget. Playing in the second-largest hockey arena in Europe, tickets are surprisingly affordable, especially if you’re used to breaking the bank in a Canadian NHL market.

3. Ice Skate Below the TV Tower

If you’re looking for a more active way to beat the winter blues, nothing beats renting some skates and shimmying across one of the dozens of outdoor rinks that get set up across the city during the winter months. A personal favourite of mine is to head to Zizkov and have your backdrop be the Prague TV Tower, voted the second ugliest building in the world.

4. Check Out the View from Letná Park

Prague has some absolutely beautiful parks which are worth a visit year-round and Letná Park is one of the best. Giving you a view of the city across the Vltava River below a giant red metronome, the park is also home to some of the best dog-watching and if the weather isn’t too bad there’s a giant skatepark to entertain you as well.

5. Visit Narnia in Bohemia Switzerland

If you’re willing to venture a little outside of the city, a two-hour journey north will take you to the absolutely breathtaking Bohemian Switzerland National Park. A perfect spot for a chilly hike, the Pravčická brána (the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe) was featured as a filming location for the film adaptation of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the first in the C.S. Lewis series The Chronicles of Narnia.